In a Year

Boy am I ashamed. I started this blog as a way to gather my thoughts (and educate?) and here it has been an entire year since I’ve even opened my blog. My promises to write tomorrow turned into next week, after summer is over, after the election. And then the election.

I’m sure most people have already acknowledged that the election this past year was a complete mess. I traded writing blog ideas in my trusty notebook for arguing with random strangers on Facebook and Twitter. I traded focusing on the one issue I decided I would shout about (poverty, duh) to rallying my clients and friends to talk to their elected officials about what they want when it comes to health care and a lovely wall. As much as I wanted to come to my blog and attempt to spread the word about how certain policies would affect the folks in Appalachia, I decided to hide instead. I truly lost my voice for a time, at least in a “yell it from the rooftops to everyone who would listen” kind of way.

So now what? We still have the same POTUS, we’re still battling the same issues in poverty awareness, we are still overlooked. It’s time to turn this notebook of blog ideas into actual blog posts and stop hiding from year of failure. It’s time to shout again.

Here’s to a new year, new blog posts, and priming my voice.


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